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Very Peri is winning all hearts in 2022: Here are our in-store products rocking this Pantone color of the year


The Pantone Color of the Year 2022, Very Peri is conquering hearts with its serene and pleasant feelings. It’s a warm blue color with a hint of violet-red undertone. This unique color is thought to indicate possibilities and personal inventiveness. Premier online dog accessory store  GiftyDogStore has not delayed incorporating this joyous color into its in-house products.

So, your furry babies can now also spread all the positive vibes around with a range of  Very Peri color products that the GiftyDogStore offers. It accelerates pet accessories’ transition to sustainable and relaxing products. The online dog accessories store aims to strike a balance between elegance and comfort.

Buy Lavender Very Peri Girly Bow Collar and Girly Bow Leash set at GiftyDogStore

After the announcement of Pantone Color of the Year 2022,  GiftyDogStore has also started working on its products to give them a very peri touch and air. 3 products have a distinct Lavender very peri hue. These are 

  • Girly Bow Collar
  • Girly Bow Leash Set

These products can be personalized with free laser-engraving of the name and phone numbers of the customers. Colorful and flowery, these dog accessories make your day present. Both dog collar girly bow and leash sets are perfect for hot summer months but are good for all seasons.

Key features

  • Airy and elegant
  • 100% heavy-duty cotton
  • super comfortable
  • Sizes: Extra small to large
  • Handmade yet durable
  • Welded D-rings
  • Laser-engraved dog id collars

Here is why you should use Very Peri as a dog collar color

Brings newness

As per Pantone’s opinion, the vibe of Very Peri promises a brand new start. That's the kind of atmosphere that aligns with many people's objectives in the New Year. We also should have this goal after two years of a life-altering pandemic. It's reasonable to say we could all use this as a fresh start. The Very Peri dog collar can provide a sense of newness for both you and your pup.

Promotes courageous creativity

If you want your pup to showcase courageous and creative beauty, this color must be your first choice to  buy personalized dog collars. The personalized dog collars also help to ensure your pup’s security as they hold all the essential information. Usage of  personalized pet ID tags  should become mandatory for pet owners. The GiftyDogStore offers various types of high-quality dog collars with the following features:

  • Handmade product
  • Easily washable
  • Flexible webbing
  • D-ring with a strong grip
  • Side release buckle.

Calms the soul

Very Peri has a unique undertone that works magically to soothe the soul. If your pup is aggressive or boisterous, do opt for Very Peri-colored dog collars and leashes. This color has a calming effect on your pup’s hyperactivity. You would be able to train your dog with proper care and control. Besides the color, you should also pick a sturdy material that ensures flexibility and comfort for your pup. Otherwise, your dog might suffer a neck injury. 

Unlocks happiness

Maintaining your dog's happiness is the key to keeping it healthy. It is also very important to keep a pup happy to keep it active. Along with adequate nutritional care and attentive supervision, using Very Peri colored pet accessories can the source of positivity and happiness in your pup. The Very Peri hue works wonders on your dog’s psyche and gives it a joyous feeling. Hence, you can include this as your pet accessory color.

Unravel psychological layers

The Very Peri tint unlocks positive energy by opening up the complex layers of psychology. This color evokes love and endearing feelings. When you are a pet owner, you will want to build up a strong emotional bond with your puppy. Hence, using the best personalized dog collars can make your job easier. When the relationship grows perfectly, the attachment also persists. Add to that, love and care are very important to your pet’s well-being.

Fashionable and trendy

If you are a fashion loving pet parent who looks for trendy items, you must pick up some Very Peri colored pet accessories for your fur baby. The elegance of the color would not only uplift the whole attire of your pup but also give him a chic look. Your pet will always possess a fashionable look, be it at play or training time. Choosing Very Peri colors would also mean you care for the physical security of your dog.


If you are a pet parent thinking of launching your pet’s Instagram page, Very Peri colored pet accessories, including dog collars, should be the best choice. This Instagram page can give you and your pet a whole new identity. Your exceptional pet fashion idea can get so much limelight. Since this color is in trend as the Pantone Color Of The Year 2022, using Veri Peri pet accessories would attract millions of people’s attention in no time. Your gorgeous pet baby would easily conquer the insta world.

Final words

Pet accessories, including dog collars, are essential for training a dog and also maintaining the pup’s safety. Elevating their beauty soothes our eyes and makes them attractive to our pets. GiftyDogStore has started introducing Very Peri themed  pet accessories. Let your pet wear some exceptional colors to cheer up the mood!