Who's Who @TheWovenThreads? 

Meet 'THE DARK HORSE' - Pubali Sen, Designer & Founder, USA

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it - Paulo Coelho

Wise people say "Clarity sets in when you clean up your mess". In 2018, as I started prepping to welcome my baby, I had tons of things to clean which included... my diet, my soul and my closet.

Cleaning my closet was a complete nightmare. I needed professional help for my closet cleansing  and after a good 3 weeks of contemplation, acceptance and letting go I was finally able to scale down my closet. I was free from clothes I never needed, never wanted and could have done pretty much without them.

With multiple bags of clothes donated, I was also left with two bags full of clothes I had never worn, this is when I realized the aftermaths of fast fashion. Interestingly, the clothes which survived this brutal elimination where the ones which were close to me because of the comfort, quality, craftsmanship  and origin. Most of them were custom-made (some designed by me... cause I love sewing), super comfortable, organic and had a story to tell. 

As we grow more conscious and mature with experience, we realize how our choices impact the world around us. This conscious cleanse made me realize how we lack a fashion platform that offers artisanal handcrafted fashion-wear, is truly transparent, sustainable and has the ability to customize clothes to fit your skin. This is how TheWovenThreads was born.

Meet 'THE SORCERER' - Madhurima Bhattacharjee, Designer 

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure - Paulo Coelho

Millennial Engineer who dared to follow her passion and launch her own label. Madhurima helps us with sourcing, manufacturing and designing as well.

Wearing many hats Madhurima is consistently researching new fabrics, scouting for the right production team, and trying  to make the process as fool-proof as she can. One of the her biggest motivation behind sustainability is fair wages and she advocates to be the voice of the weavers.

Meet 'The Hephaestus' - Saveen & Saayna, Designers 

 “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” –Henry Ward Beecher

 Our star designers believe in saving sources and living a better life with fashion and sustainability. Saveen and Saayna's creation tells it's story through soothing colors and art. Their workshop specializes in handcrafted embroidery including stonework, chain-stitching, thread-work, beadwork, cross stitching etc. Both Saveen and Saayna help us handcraft every single piece of our collection with style, quality checks and detailing taking more than a week sometimes more than two to meet their benchmark. Check out their brand - Oracra, you will simply fall in love.

They help us source premium fabrics - hemp, organic khaadi cotton, kala cotton and breathe art into our collection. After all, telling a story through fashion adds freshness, elegance and makes us stand out. 

Meet 'The Charm' - Subhashree Das, Sales & Operations, Australia

 “Elegance is the only Beauty that never fades.” -Audrey Hepbur

The Woven Threads is a special part of my Life. I am in awe of the unique designs, feel of the natural fabric against skin, intricate handwoven patterns and the classy understated elegant look of the entire collection.  Let your uniqueness shine while being environment friendly. Each dress is customised lovingly to accentuate your Beauty.

This is how we promote the talent of gifted weavers and artists painstakingly stitching every bead and painting intricate patterns to make your dress look like a work of Art. I am thrilled to be part of this journey and leading a movement to help artists get their due respect and recognition.