Pledge to Sustainability

We at The Woven Threads combine our passion for handmade with an attentive use of materials, indian art forms and natural fabrics. Our collection weaves the needs of everyday life through a unique sense of beauty, fabric and form. We aim to expand our collection through a constant exploration of new materials, crafts and applications. With a contemporary and global appeal in our inspirations and design, we commit to a tradition of quality, eco-friendly fabric and craftsmanship in all our collections. Handcrafted from scratch, each garment is a result of endless days of hard work that a team of weavers, dyers, craftsmen, and tailors put in for one finished product.

We pledge to spread awareness amongst fashion enthusiasts by education and supporting various causes. In order to move past fast fashion and embrace  sustainable fashion, we all have to be aware about the impact of fast fashion. 

Fast Fashion and Pollution

  • Almost 75% of the world’s fashion market is concentrated in Europe, USA, China and Japan.Second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world.
  • United Nations Climate Change News states, The fashion industry contributes 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its long supply chains and energy intensive production.
  • Nearly 20% of global waste water is produced by the fashion industry.

Our Pledge to Sustainability

Slow or eco-fashion includes apparels that manufacture in a highly environment-friendly manner.  We at "The Woven Threads" recognize our responsibility of sustaining green fashion with minimal/no impact on the environment. There are many factors when considering the sustainability of a material and we take pride in identifying and incorporating these ethics into our Brand.

Factors we incorporate & we identify with:
  • The renewability and source of a fiber, the process of how a raw fiber is turned into a textile.
  • The working conditions of the people producing the materials.
  • The material's total carbon footprint.
  • Using recycled cotton which saves 20,000 liters of water per kilogram of cotton.
  • Handmade on demand
Giving Back:
For every item we sell we plant a tree. Sustainability needs us to be responsible and kind. Loving our planet is as important as loving ourselves.

Our Future Endeavors:

As we grow and spread awareness about fashion sustainability, we do aspire to open this platform to enable our customers to

  • Rent - be part of sustainable subscription box programs.  
  • Up-cycle
  • Build a marketplace for second hand clothing.